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Every day, thousands of children from the poorest communities in Mexico go to bed hungry. Give today to help us break the devastating cycle of poverty and hunger.

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We are fundraising to feed hungry children

In the central highlands of Mexico, scattered around the historic old city of San Miguel de Allende, there are over 500 communities where the typical family has an average annual income of less than $2,000 US dollars. Many of these communities have limited access to electricity and clean, running water. In this type of desperately poor environment, children often go to bed hungry and, frequently, do not go to school on a regular basis.

Feed the Hungry San Miguel is trying to make a meaningful change in the lives of these unfortunate children by opening and operating school kitchens in as many communities as possible. Today, Feed the Hungry feeds 4,000 children a nutritious meal each and every school day, but the children must attend school to receive it.

The Feed the Hungry school meals program is an incentive for early enrollment and continued attendance in school. Of great significance, nutritious meals help children to concentrate so that they can learn. Attendance rates and test grades go up significantly after Feed the Hungry San Miguel opens a school kitchen.

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To donate by check:

Mail a tax-deductible check payable to:
Feed the Hungry San Miguel, Inc. (for a US tax-receipt)
Feed the Hungry, A.C. (for a Mexican tax-receipt)

From the US and Canada:
Feed the Hungry San Miguel
Box 636
220 N. Zapata Hwy, Suite 11
Laredo, Texas 78043-4464

From within Mexico:
Feed the Hungry
Box 636
Aldama 3, Centro
San Miguel de Allende 37700
Guanajuato, Mexico

Contact us if you would like to set up donations direct from your bank or if you are interested in including Feed the Hungry San Miguel in your estate plans.