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Walked 98km at 98 years old!


$2,082 towards $3,000

I just want to thank my supporters!

On October 16, I completed my goal by walking 98 km on World Food Day to help raise funds for Feed the Hungry San Miguel’s school lunch meals program.

This campaign will be active through the end of the month and I invite you to support it to help meet our collective goal We are so close to reach 100,000 meals for kids in schools.

Thank you!.

Gerry Teldon, 98
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

With Mr. Al Kocourek, president of FtHSM, who is putting a medal around my neck after completing the challenge.

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I’m asking you to support FTHSM because during the past 2 years when the schools were closed, the decision was made to continue feeding the children and the cooks that normally attended the 35 schools. Additionally, family income was at a standstill when finding work was too difficult, and feeding the families was a necessity for their survival! Literally, FTHSM saved the lives of an untold number of children and their family! The employees of FTH continued on the payroll. Our special thanks to the many volunteers who risked coming to the warehouse to package and deliver to the many locations.

Now that schools have re-opened, FTH is continuing serving the schools with costs magnified due to inflation, urging you to assist in their efforts!

The least I can do is walk 98 kms at 98 years young. During my 98 year I will walk at least 98 KMs and as the saying goes, every journey in life starts with small steps and the 3 KMs are part of my journey to 99 from now until that day. I hope you’ll join me October 16 at Viñedo Dos Búhos.

Canadian supporters are welcome to donate directly through Amistad Canada's donation portal at: Donate | Amistad Canada .

Our team goal is to generate enough funds to be able to provide 100,000 Hot and Nutritious school meals in the 35 schools the organization operates in Mexico. A Paypal set up is also available in case you choose to donate through their system. Join me in supporting real change and take advantage of the 100% match on the first $25,000 USD
Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal. Thank you for caring for the well-being of the Mexican children.